Ha… finally I have to reach Tokyo this time after Kyoto & Osaka short trip.

When I step into Tokyo, I feel pretty much excited because there’s so many interesting places around Tokyo but too bad I only have limited time

I directly check in to my hotel room in Hamamatsucho area, in the central of Tokyo. My hotel name is Mystays Hamamatsucho, 1st my reason choose this hotel is because nearby my HQ office. 2nd one is very convenience to station. Hotel room is not so spacey like the rumours has said, most of Japan hotel room is quite small, but it’s clean & nice enough to stay in Mystays Hamamatsucho.

After check in, I decided to visit Shibuya street & to achieve my goals, take pic of Hachiko Statue

Shibuya Street
As usual Shibuya is known as the busiest street in Tokyo. I only took a lil panoramic pic of Shibuya & passing by to find Hachiko statue nearby.

Hachiko Statue
When I found the statue, actually it’s not so special but so many people taking pic there, I think it’s not best moment & can’t get best picture as well. But nevermind, at least my personal goal achieved. This Hachiko station is a bit covered by many peoples around so it took me 2 round walking by without notice about it. You may found easiest way to found the statue by JR station Shibuya exit.

From Shibuya, I went to station & move into Harajuku – Takeshita street. I walk along the street right & found so many lolita girls, harajuku style & cute action figure store, cosplay accessories & cute food stall selling pancakes.

For food I decided to tried their Yoshinoya. Why I choose Yoshinoya when in my hometown there’s Yoshinoya store? It’s simply because they sell pork & fresh egg topping that heavenly delicious. Which never found in another Yoshinoya store outside Japan. I ordered the package with Salmon grilled & only cost me for around 300 Yen. Whoaa cheap & my belly happy of course!

Yumm… I started to miss this one!

The whole package they served

One of unique cosplay store in the street

Doorways to Takeshita – Harajuku Street
2nd day my training started, my HQ is located in WTC Tokyo Hamamatsucho. From my building I can see Tokyo Tower. But too bad I have no chance to visit because of tight schedule but I will come back next time for sure.

Tokyo tower as my morning view

Tokyo Tower when sunset

I walk a bit at night after training to saw it closer
When I went to Japan in June, it’s actually rainy season but I love it, not too cold & I could use their signature umbrella, the transparant ones! LOL

At night I went to Shinjuku & want to try Ichiran ramen . End up I have to wait around 1 hour queue, it’s crazy. When I went in. It’s so unique you have to pay via vending machine, along the queue they give you a paper to choose firmness of ramen & spicy level. I choose normal & the spiciest. All the guest will eat in individual cubical, maybe to avoid long conversation & stay in the restaurant too long? I don’t know, but if the goal is true, I think it quite works. Because no one stay so long in this place, mostly eat & go. OMG all the effort feels worth it after I start to sip the broth. So good & rich taste. The noodle firmness also perfect. I definately in love & would come back.

The ramen close up

In the cubical

I was actually plan for Roponggi night out, but too bad my feet and body felt so sore. So I decided back to hotel and recharge for tomorrow. I plan to hunting some fresh sashimi at Tsukiji Fish Market

I went to Tsukiji very early to enjoy the show of fresh sashimi auction, too bad because I’m all alone, I don’t dare to bid for their big fresh cut. But don’t worry, you still can enjoy fresh sashimi by restaurant nearby. I choose sashimi moriawase from Sushi Zanmai and it taste like heaven, seriously. I can feel the fish melted in my mouth, perfect foodgasm. Oh I like wasabi in Japan, it taste stronger than wasabi I can found in my hometown.

Sashimi Moriawase
After having sashimi, I’m heading to Asakusa by taxi & check in to Khaosan World Asakusa. This ryokan place is nice with very friendly & english speaking staff. Was enjoy my stay in this place. By the way about the taxi itself, I just wonder how expensive because everyone said so, and… it is! It cost me JPY 3500 for only 5km without any traffic jam, around 10x compared to Jakarta. But their taxi driver wearing suit & very polite. Way much better than Hongkong taxi driver (some of them quite rude & unfriendly)

In the taxi & tried to enjoy but can’t when I saw the argo
Arrived in Asakusa, I took a walk to Sensoji Temple the most famous & crowded temple in Japan. Pretty much very nice to walk around, you may found some sellers selling kimono. I was plan to take good photo’s at the temple but seriously it’s too crowded, maybe because I’m visiting in weekend.

In the temple you may found some unique ritual, merchandise seller & forecast stall.

Of course I’m trying some & have so much fun in the small forecast stall, in this stall you mau shake the tube to get one long wood out from it. The wood itself has handwriting in Japanese, you need to match it with same handwriting at the small drawer & took the paper inside. The paper is actually telling about your fortune & I got the best one, yeay. After you read all of it, you need to tied the paper on the board nearby, they believe this ritual will make the good forecast come true.

After enjoying some ritual inside the temple, I walk out & going to heading Odaiba. My eyes found little treasure named Sa Wa Wa with long queue, so I bet this one is will be good. Whoa they sell very yummy greentea soft icecream & some greentea cookies. This one is pretty much perfect for the sunny day in Asakusa.

Move on from Asakusa, I planned to visit Odaiba, but this time I took Tokyo Cruise Ship. Well it’s good for you who want to see different view of Tokyo, in the ship actually has one guide telling about anything around but too bad it’s only in Japanese.

Under the blue sky, on the blue sea

Arrived in Odaiba, I walk around & amaze with the very futuristic building & statue they had. Makes Odaiba look very modern and unique compared to others.

This one remind me of Monas

Last but not least, of course I came here to find the gigantic Gundam. Was plan to also visit the cafe but too bad the queue is very long and my limited time left before heading back to Jakarta for my friend’s wedding.

Childhood nostalgic moment

So this is finally the end of my journey in Tokyo (after a long time pending), my bucket list checked but since Japan is very nice & I have plan to visit another city, I will definately come back!