Hello guys, sorry for running out too long from part one to part two.

Been so busy lately, but as I already mentioned I will write the second part of my Japan trip previously.

Now we are heading to Osaka…

Eng Ing Eng… a bit sound effect

I believe for everyone has been to Japan, they need to visit Osaka as well, Osaka is second biggest city in Japan, before Tokyo it was a capital city for Japan.

I only have 1 day trip to Osaka so I made it short & sharp. I took shinkansen from Kyoto-Osaka, it’s only took 1 hour long & of course free! (So happy using JR Pass, save a lot because can be used for JR Train too)

1st I’m heading to Tsurutontan Soemoncho, to have a big bowl of udon as their famous signature.

This restaurant located near Dotonburi area, they serve many kind of udon & sushi.

One of recommended udon in Osaka
This lil Unagi a bit fishy but still good
Wonder how big? Look at the spoon it almost can cover my whole face

How about the pricing? A bowl of those big bowl is started from JPY 720. Mine in total spend up to JPY 2000++ because I choose complete topping & additional unagi

Other than clear miso soup, they served fish soup until creamy bacon carbonara soup. I can barely saw pink soup for the bacon carbonara from people who sit beside me. But imagine big bowl & creamy? Hmm, it will be too much for me.

Sadly in Japan if you came for lunch or dinner alone, you will sit next to other people. But the good thing is, they are don’t care about your existance, so it won’t be awkward.

This restaurant interior well decored & fancy, with place to put your umbrella before entered the dinning table (it was rainy season when I visit in June)

So let’s try Tsurutontan if you visit Osaka!
In the middle of my trip which mostly rely on google maps, I figure out my data package roaming XL Axiata was run out with ridiculous reason of limit (when I already called the provider before heading to Japan, I’m well prepared kind of person). I’m incredibly mad because this situation quite bragging me because in Japan not so many people speak & understand English. I’m not recommend using their roaming data package because it’s expensive & ridiculous at the same time.

I went to my hotel just by looking at offline map & asking for the station officer which station I should stop. Luckily my hotel is in convenience area eventhough it’s only budget hotel named Hotel Chuo. The room size is really small but private with shared bathroom, for me it’s enough besides what do you expect for only spending JPY250/night?

Another thing that I love in Japan is their cleanliness, almost all places is clean including their budget hotel. In this hotel you can also get some face wash in the receptionist.

In Hotel room, I started to looking for backup plan of data package, browse through hotel wifi, I finally found my life savior, EasyGo Japan. They could be ordered 1 day before when the other need some days. Since it only can be delivered tomorrow, I asked them to deliver to my hotel di Tokyo, Hamamatsucho. Their customer services also great, I was having trouble when put the simcard on & still can’t get the data access, but they are patiently guide you until it’s on. Recommended provider 👍

Back to my trip, after order the sim card I decided to move forward & walk around Osaka for 1 day, I guess it could be fine by using offline google map (Thanks to Google as well)

I found Spa World nearby my hotel, I really excited to try onsen in Japan & this is perfect place for it.

In Spa World, you have to pay ticket by vending machine to entry. After that you should put your shoes in locker room. They won’t allow you to bring shoes to keep the environment clean.

Before going up, you will be given wristband for additional services may used in their facilities (like spa, massage, facial, etc) & you may return in their vending machine when you finished all your onsen day.

In this place, you can found many kind of onsen. They are split into 2 zone, asia & europe. At the day I visited, they spare asia zone to ladies & europe zone to gentleman. We also not allowed to take any pictures because all of visitors going naked.

I was not comfortable being naked around because I’m Indonesian & stuck in the eastern culture somehow even I’m quite open minded but open your clothes to public & being naked? This is my first time ever! Good memory to remember.

I really enjoy the onsen, they have balinese, mineral onsen, coffee onsen, wine onsen, etc. sooo good & I never regret it. It cost me JPY 3000 for all day pass (weekend) but it cheaper in weekdays only JPY 2700

After spa world, I go to small road beside Spa World, they have beautiful decoration & along the road there’s so many small restaurant selling tempura and okonomiyaki.

But I found one interesting restaurant with long queue, they serve tempura & cold beer. Perfect pair! The restaurant named Yaekatsu.

Forget the name but this one my fav! The brown paste is miso
With the dipping sauce, a bit sweet
U are not in Osaka if you missed Asahi Beer
Open kitchen concept
What they sell mostly will fried become Tempura
Cute restaurant board name with Cat
Crazy long queue


After long queue, I finally step in & order my meals. They have english menu so it won’t be hard to explain your order.

I tried some fried tempura, hmm… a bit far from my expectation. I was thought it’s gonna be tasty, but it’s not. The dipping sauce is sweet, I’m not so into it. But for snack, I think the price is very reasonable, I only pay JPY 1000 for tempura & beer.

Sun goes down & night has come, since it’s my last night I was planned to hanging around in Dotonburi & of course for taking Glico man legendary pic.

After taking some pics,  decided to chill in front of the river, luckily, in exact across of Glico man I found small nice bar or in Japan famous name is Izakaya to chill, they have nomi-hōdai  (all you can drink) & some good snack. Ah perfect for ended my last night in Osaka

This finger food is very tasty & loveeeee it
Trying Kirin beer
Famous Glico man with the surrounding


Back from Dotonburi, I facing silly experience from my trip that so much predictable because of offline map, yes I’m lost. It’s actually just a small mistake when I went out from station, I choose wrong exit & dang! Where am I???

I keep walking & looking at street sign until I found some Chinese people just about to close their bar. Am asking them if they could tell me the right direction. They don’t speak English but they really guide me to home. So nice of them, I couldn’t thank them more. May God be with them…

So far in my experience, Japan is very safe to walking around at night. I started to in love with Japan love struck