I was back from Japan trip in June by myself. In this trip I visit 3 cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, & Osaka.

Since it’s a short trip & actually was in business trip, I will write down my adventure in this blog.

Before flight to Japan, I was already prepare to bought JR Pass. This pass really useful especially if you travel all around Japan. It cost me around IDR 3,6 millions for 7 days (there’s another options for 14 or 21 days too). Worth it!

My JR Pass , sorry for bad handwritten in hurry 😛

1st I was arrived at Haneda International Airport then hop to Shinagawa station by Hamamatsucho JR for catching shinkansen to Kyoto.

this is how the ticket looks like

I’m amaze they have ontime schedule for trains! (Because in Indonesia there’s no schedule indeed)

Shinkansen Schedule Board

Actually there’s another option to reach Kyoto with Bus or Airplane, but other than for the sake of Shinkansen, cost & time efficiency also considered.

Then after 2 hours trip in shinkansen, I finally reach Kyoto. The Kyoto station architecture is cool (too bad I forgot to take some pics), since I have limited time, I only have 1 day in Kyoto.

Kyoto 1st stop is Fushimi Inari. It’s beautiful most famous shrine in Kyoto.

it’s simply beautiful


Fushimi Inari known as famous shrine with the orange looooonggggg tori gates & every gates writen in Japanese .

Just The Entrance of Torii Gates
in Japanese, I believe it’s a quotes!
side effect of travelling alone, selfie!


You may found some souvenir to buy in the corner of main gates, I buy some Omamori for gift. It’s Japanese Charms with various forms for luck & protection. I buy the Luck ones to my friends back then in my country. It’s very cute though!

Omamori, for Good Luck Charm


Since I only have a very short limited time, I won’t waste too long and right heading to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. I arrived in very late noon, luckily still got some beautiful pictures to post.

The very high Bamboo
along the Bamboo Groove path
a lil bit pic taken by stranger, Oh my Eyebags! 🙁


After a tired long walks, I need a good meal of course! I’ve heard there’s unique concept of ramen in town, famous for their fire ramen. I’m pretty much excited & go catch some at Menbakaichidai. Luckily there’s not a long queue when I arrived at 8PM. You need to take queue number & after that the owner will great you in. The owner was pretty nice, he asking me where I came from. Actually they don’t only serve the fire ramen, they have some others too, but what a waste if we don’t try it, right?

Since I was superb hungry, I choose the Special Set & hey I got cute badge from them too!


1st thing 1st, the owner will ask you to tied up your hair (don’t worry they provides some hairgrip to you), put on their apron to save you from any incidents of the fire ramen show and they will ask you nicely & took your phones for record it. They have a lot of selfie stick in the kitchen.

I put the video’s of the fire ramen show (pardon my silly stupid face, it’s really hot!)

It was a fun entertaining dinner, the owner also take silly pic of you enjoying their ramen

my super silly face
the whole Special Set

Other than entertaining, for me the food is quite tasty & I love it. They use fish soup and a lot of onion stick to give strength for the taste and of course I’m so full & happy! 😀

This is an end of my Kyoto trip, I’m heading back to Hostel, I choose Hat & Hat Hostel because it’s only for 1 night & I was totally alone. The place is pretty much clean with cute & simple interior design for the lounge, in my opinion it’s enough for your rest needs. The owner very nice & speak English. Just a bit far from the station & a tips from me, don’t bring big luggage because they only has stairs. But for the price is very cheap, I book from Agoda and got it for IDR 350k++.

Next post will be Osaka & Tokyo!

I hope you enjoy my blog, stay tuned!