I was back from Hongkong-Macau trip 1 week ago, it was my 2nd trip to there & it’s always lovely place to visit.

Unlike my very 1st visit, this time I tried out many tasty food & happening in town. In this blog, I’ll give some review.


1st stop is Bake Cheese Tart, you can found it at Sogo, Causeway Bay B2 floor – 16, although it’s quite small store & only for take away. This cheese tart who claimed originally from Hokaido, Japan is really yummy. The salty cheese meet crunchy pie, oh my tongue even dancing, too happy! It cost you for HK$20/piece, HK$110/box (6 pieces). I bought 1 dozen to share with my travel mates.



2nd stop is Lobster Central, this one is quite famous in Hongkong City, you can found their store at Stanley Road, Central area.

They offers us many kind of sandwich rolls (similar with hotdog), fills with Lobster topping. It’s definately delicious, especially for Lobster lovers. They have another topping, such as crab or shrimp.

I was tried the Lobster ones & it cost HK$138. Totally worth it.


 3rd stop is Crab Noodles, we found it at Lan Kwai Fong area. They have many varieties of food in here, not only all crabs, but since their restaurant signature dishes is crab, I’ve tried their signature crabmeat with rice in soup. My friend tried their noodle with drunken chicken soup, and fried chicken cartilage salt & pepper as side dish.

I was surprised because of the big portion (I suggest you to share for 2) & it cost only HK$68, when I tried the soup & crab all just tasty & good. So it’s recommended to try…



4th stop, I was visited famous dessert place in Mongkok named Hui Lau Shan, basicly they serve sweet kind of dessert with signature of mango.

I was ordered Mango dessert platter it cost around HK$45 and Mango juice with mango jelly cost HK$43 (because we dine in the store).

I have no idea why the price is different between take away & dine in, but so far if you love mango dessert, this is the place worth to visit.


5th stop, I’m going to Dimsum Icon located in The One building 3rd floor, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. I was attracted because of their Gudetama dimsum concept in pictures review by other food blogger, but figure out it’s was last season & they already change the concept. They change the concept every 3-4 months. So I was a bit disappointed.

But we’re still ordering some food, all have cute appearance & taste good, unbelievable, because back to my experiences in food, there’s so many cute food/dessert with bad taste.

We ordered siomay (flower dish), marshmellow (rabbit dish),  bakpao, & uh my bad I forget the name is. All cost me for HK$250




6th stop is Open Oyster, it’s still in Tsim Sha Tsui area. I really in love with the food in here, perfectly tasty. This is the heaven for those who loves fresh oyster with many choices.

This place considered as fine dining,great services well provided.

I’ve ordered 3 types of fresh oyster, very light one, creamy & salty one. Also ordered cooked oyster with 3 types, cheesy, soy sauce with bacon & garlic. I can guarantee you won’t disappointed.

For another dishes, there’s scallops, beef cubes & foie gras risotto. I’m in love with the risotto, perfectó!

It cost me around HK$1000 paired with white wine, it’s totally good investment for your belly.



7th stop, who’s waiting for wonton soup noodle??? Yup currently I’ll give a review for Mak An Kee’s noodle. You may found it at Central area. The place a bit hard to find because it’s in a very small road & buried by many clothes seller. Once you get there the restaurant itself won’t impress you, but the food did.

It’s actually clear wonton soup noodle, but in this pic I put a lot of their XO sauce, because I like it spicy. The soup itself already tasty, the wonton is very good & the noodle texture a bit hard not boiled soft like Ho Hung Kee. The price is surprisingly cheap for only HK$35-45, depends on small bowl or large one. Last but not least, I really like it though, it satisfied me well…



8th stop, dessert time means ice cream time!!! I found Emack & Bolio’s which originally from USA. So Hongkong is their 1st Asia’s store & located at Central area. There is so many variety of Ice Cream they provided.

This time I ordered Colorfull Rice Crispy Cone with 3 scoop of Ice Cream; Red Velvet, Peach, & Mint. All of it cost me for around HK$100. I love the Red Velvet so much, it’s creamy & yummy. Couldn’t resist for more. Will definately come back to try another flavour.



9th stop is for Icy pop store still spotted from Central area, I See I See. Too bad I still full & start catching cold because it was raining every single day & I never bought umbrella.

Don’t worry, my friends did tried it, they tried 3 flavours; Kiwi, Strawberry, & Coconut. It cost around HK$25-40 depends on which flavour u choose. Stinky Durian is the most expensive one & I’m drolling for it, maybe I’ll come back next time to try it myself.



10th stop is Pierre Hermé, the most famous macaroon in town, it’s actually similar with Laduré. You can find the store in IFC mall 1st level.

Actually I’m not macaroon lover, but I like their Rose Macaroon, their best seller. I like it because it’s not too sweet. It cost for HK$270/6 pieces/small box, quite pricey.




11th, which is our last stop is at Rossio, MGM Hotel, Macau.

This is buffet concept with many choices of food from sushi & sashimi, grilled, noodle soup, cake & ice cream, & seafood!

Yes they served all seafood fresh, from crab, lobster, clams, shrimp & of course you can eat as much as you can!

It cost only HK$500/person, and you will walk home happily & very full.
That’s all for my food travelling journey to Hongkong-Macau this time, will update more next time, next place. Stay tuned foodies!